Type Expert Tournaments


By Blake Ulmer 8/1/2014, Last updated by Henry 8/27/2014

I am here to announce a new series of tournaments. Type Expert tournaments.

Each type will have its own tournament and the winner will receive a special Pokémon of their winning type. Each type will also have its own set of unique rules to keep contestants on their toes.


Each type will have a specific rules set that modifies our standard Battle Rules. Familiarize yourself with our Battle Rules before reading into the specific rules set.

When we start a tournament, its specific rules set will be revealed on our group wall. Also, the information will be added to the Type Expert tournaments doc.

If you have any questions, message Blake.


Each tournament will be limited to 20 participants and sign ups are on a first come, first serve basis. If you wish to participate in a tournament, then post a comment in the sign ups thread. After a minimum of 10 participants are selected, the type's specific rules will be revealed.

Save your battle when you are done! Click here for instructions on saving. Blake will review your Battle Code.

Below is a list of the types, in the order that we are doing the tournaments. Good luck to all!