Gym Leader Exam

League Service Exam


This exam is required to become a League Service member (e.g. Gym Leader or Elite 4).


If you are taking this exam, send your answers to Henry via facebook and he will inform you if you passed or not.

• To pass, you must score 100% -- to prove that you are knowledgeable.

• You are allowed two attempts. If you fail both, you must wait 10 days before retaking the exam.

• The questions are based on our League Challenge Doc.


1) After a battle, where is the Gym Leader/Elite 4 required to post the results?

a. On the Gay Pokémon Alliance group wall.

b. On the League Service group wall, that only League Service members have access to.

c. Not required.

2) If a challenger wins a battle, who should he ask to update the badges site?

a. Blake Ulmer

b. Henry Ku

c. The Gym Leader he battled.

3) When does a challenger register his team?

a. After his first gym battle - win or loss.

b. After his first gym battle - win only.

c. After his first gym battle - loss only.

4) To register a team, who does the challenger need to message?

a. Blake Ulmer

b. Henry Ku

c. The Gym Leader he battled.

5) Which of the following are banned?

a. Fissure

b. Double Team

c. Moody

d. All of the above.

e. None of the above.

6) How many of the same item can a person use on their Pokémon team? (not berries)

a. Only one of each item is permitted on a team.

b. Only two of each item is permitted on a team.

c. There is no restriction. A team's Pokémon may all hold the same item.

7) If someone has a question about our League Challenge rules, such as banned Pokémon moves, who should he ask?

a. Blake Ulmer

b. Henry Ku

c. Find someone in the Smogon league.

8) If a Gym Leader/Elite 4 needs to go on vacation, what should he do?

a. Nothing, just go inactive and not tell anyone.

b. Message Henry, so that the Gym Battles site can be updated about your absence.

c. Find a random person to stand-in as the Gym Leader/Elite 4 temporarily.

9) Have you reviewed our League Challenge document carefully and understand the importance of our rules?

a. No, I have not.

b. Forgetting rules is okay. Everyone forgets rules sometimes.

c. Yes, I have reviewed the rules and agree to them, as they are established.