Please follow our rules or be banned.

RULE #1: Be Respectful to All

No drama No harassment

No negativity No poor sportsmanship

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RULE #2: Be Appropriate

• No nudes [?] and sex talk. • No annoying stuff, gross stuff, or spam - Spam Policy.

• No controversial topics. • No advertisements (joining another group, contests, & unrelated events).

Post Deletion Policy

RULE #3: Off-Topic Posts

• You are encouraged to make posts related to the game.

• Occasional off-topic posts are allowed if it's fun AND most people can relate to it. [?]

• No personal ads - click here for a definition.

RULE #4: Streaming, Photos, Videos

• You may post your streaming channel once per month. Posting more than once per month will result in deletion and banning.

• No selfie photos - click here for a definition.

• However, the following photos of yourself are allowed: League cosplay, League celebs, & group photos with other Alliance members. These photos are allowed because they are entertaining, as long as they are not posted excessively.

• Avoid posting a screenshot everyday - Spam Policy. There are other ways to show you had a great game, such as typing it out with descriptive words.

• Avoid posting a video everyday.


All successful groups are governed by a set of rules. Our rules are designed to encourage respectful behavior and protect all members from abuse. We strive to create a comfortable environment for everyone.

Please report any issues to the Admin Henry immediately. Prompt action will be taken.

DELETION POLICY - click here if your post/comment was deleted from the group wall.

REPORT SOMEONE/QUESTIONS - message the Admin Henry via facebook immediately.