League Challenge document

League Challenge Doc


By Blake Ulmer 10/28/2013, Last updated by Henry/Blake 8/7/2014

This version of the rules supersedes all versions, including the facebook file.

What is a Pokémon wi-fi league?

For those of you who have been playing the game actively in the wi-fi community for the past generation, you're probably fairly familiar with the basic idea, but for those who are new to the concept or just to Pokemon games in general, I'll go ahead and explain the basic concept. Essentially what I'm planning to do here is to set up a Pokemon league to give some sort of fun structure to the basic wi-fi battle set up. Obviously with the new random matchmaking in the new games, it'll be a lot easier to get a random battle fix than ever before, but this league would hope to add some more long term interest beyond just mauling some 10 year old kid with a team full of ubers. (No offense to the 10 year old kids out there who could probably whoop my ass at the game.. I know you exist, somewhere.)

Anyway! The basic idea would be to create a league that more or less follows the basic in-game pattern. There would be several gym leaders, an Elite Four, and a champion that needs beating, too.

How do you start?

You may enter our League Challenge at anytime, whether you're a new or longtime member.

Here are the steps:

1) Create your best Pokémon team. It should be balanced and be able to handle every Pokémon type.

2) Challenge a Gym Leader.

i. If you lose, no worries. You can reconstruct your team and try again.

ii. If you win, you earn your first badge. You must register your team and keep it intact (no changing).


Gay Pokémon ALLIANCE has its own rules. Some may be similar to Smogon, but we are not Smogon.


- 6 on 6 single battle. Your Pokémon should be level 50+.

- You must use the same 6 Pokémon in all gym battles. After earning your first badge, register your team with Henry Ku. Send Henry a facebook message with your 6 Pokémon.

- If you wish to change your Pokémon team, you must reset your badges to 0. This is to prevent stacking against gyms. For example, someone could stack 6 fire Pokémon against the grass gym and then switch to 6 water Pokémon against the fire gym.. which would be too easy.

- No illegal hacks. Legal hacks are permitted. A legal hack is a Pokémon who has been hacked, but has all legal iv/ ev moves and such. Basically, it could pass at a Nintendo event because it doesn't have more than 31 ivs and such.

- Remain polite and friendly to other league members whether they be trainers or gym leaders. This is a game, it's about fun. Don't take it too seriously.


- One of each Pokémon only (e.g. you cannot have two Scizors).

- No Legendary Pokémon. Click here for a list of legendaries.

- No Rotom changes are allowed after your team is registered. A Rotom change is considered a different Pokémon in this league.


- Item Clause: Only one of each item is permitted on a team. Berries are excluded from this rule.


- Sleep Clause: You cannot put two of your opponent's Pokémon asleep at the same time.

- OHKO Clause: A Pokémon cannot use Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill, or Sheer Cold.

- Evasion Clause: The moves Double Team and Minimize are banned.

- Pokémon with Drizzle or Swift Swim are banned. (We'll make an exception for the Water Gym Leader though.)

- The ability Moody is banned.

- If you have any questions about our Battle Rules, message Blake Ulmer on facebook.



- To earn a badge, you must defeat the Gym Leader. If you lose, you must wait three days before a rematch. Options: You can try a different gym during the three days.

- You may challenge multiple Gym Leaders on the same day.

- If a match disconnects, it will be up to the gym leader to accept a rematch or not. If not, the trainer must wait for the entire 3 days before participating again. ( Leaders will be watched to make sure they are not abusing this privilege) If a leader is caught using this to their advantage, they will be removed from their post.

- If you earn a badge, message Henry to update the Badges Leaderboard.


- The Gym Leader's pokémon must all share one type, per their gym. They may change their pokémon at anytime, as long as they are the correct type. However, if you are going to have a rematch in three days, please keep your gym pokémon the same until then.

- Win or lose, the Gym Leader must post the match result on a separate facebook group that only they have access to, called the League Service group.

- Gym Leaders need to remain active. If you don't notify us of your absence and disappear for more than a week then we'll have to find someone to replace you.

- If you need to go on vacation or absence, then send Henry a facebook message. He will update the Gyms site to prevent challengers from asking you to battle.

- Click here for information on Gym Leader requirements (League Service).


- After earning all badges, challengers may battle the Elite 4 and in any order. You must defeat the E4 to reach the Champion.

- Regarding Elite 4 pokémon types: Initial typing will be chosen by the elite 4 trainer themselves. This typing will remain secret until a challenge is received and after the match must remain a secret. Once a type has been chosen, they may not change their typing for the duration of their stay in post. However if they are ever defeated and win their position back, then they may choose to change their typing at that time. The Elite 4 are allowed 1 wildcard pokémon of any type; the other 5 pokémon must share one type.

- Takeover challenges to replace the E4: Only the current Champion or Champion Hall of Fame members may attempt to takeover an E4 position. The match may only consist of the position's pokémon type. The winner will either remain or be taken over. If you fail a takeover, you must wait 10 days before attempting again.

- The Elite 4 were recently added. These rules may still change.

- Click here for information on Elite 4 requirements (League Service).


The Champion will register their pokémon team with the hall of fame registry upon becoming the new league Champion. It will then be required of them to keep this team intact for any and all challenges to their championship.


The badges being used for our league will not simply 8 badges. No no. That would be too simple. There will be one Gym for each pokemon type. The only type to have not previously had a gym in the game is the Dark type. The person who chooses their Gym will need to choose which badge iteration they would like to use (i.e. Water, Cascade badge).


League Service members may be a Gym Leader, an Elite 4, AND a challenger at the same time. If this is the case, the member will need to maintain separate teams for each position and will need to make sure they are following the appropriate rules for each.


The League Challenge doc has already been put into place and there are challengers in it. We cannot make drastic changes to rules such as megas, when there are already challengers using them. That would be unfair. We don't vote on rules or make changes to them on a regular basis - they are already in place. If a vote on a rule happens to be done, then it will be initiated by Blake.

Please remember that this is not Smogon; we do not follow everything that Smogon does. In rare instances, the Admins will change or add to the rules if it is of the utmost importance.