Bans Policy



You don't like jerks. Neither do we.

That's why we ban them.

The following are all bannable offenses:

Drama - making rude comments & creating heated arguments, fighting incessantly over a post, baiting people into heated arguments, confronting others publicly, or being a pest on people's posts.

Harassment - insults, intimidation, unwanted messages, badgering a member in PM, or stalking.

Negativity - toxic sarcasm, constantly complaining about everything & everyone, nagging other members, or constantly bringing down the group atmosphere with anger-filled thoughts & hateful comments.

Obnoxious Behavior - blatantly disregarding rules, not listening to the Admin, being rude, trolling, spamming, and writing in CAPS.

Violating Terms of Service - selling your League account, asking people to install prohibited or harmful software, or actions that would cause trouble for another member.

Poor Sportsmanship - during an ALLIANCE event or in official group chatrooms.

  • Insulting others - for example, "You need to play better. You're not using your Q. Come on!"

  • Toxic sarcasm - for example, "I love getting ganked with no help. This is soo great.. not."

  • Whining/complaining - for example, "We already lost. Do you think we're going to win like this??"

How Bans Work:

1) Someone is a jerk.

2) Admin bans the jerk.

3) Everyone forgets about the jerk.

4) We move on with life.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions for banned people.

How to Report a Jerk:

Facebook message the Admin Henry immediately. Do not try to enforce the rules yourself. Avoid the jerk and wait for the Admin to respond.

The Admin researches all incidents thoroughly. All bans are final and permanent.