Ranked Teams

This section is to help members find Ranked Teams or put them together easier.

If you want to join a team, send a facebook message to the team's captain.


If you have started a ranked team with Alliance members, then message Henry and answer these 9 questions:

1.) Ranked Team's name & Tag name?

2.) Which server?

3.) Which map? (Summoner's Rift 5v5 and/or Twisted Treeline 3v3)

4.) Captain's summoner name?

5.) Membership capacity: Open or Full? What roles/lanes do you need?

6.) Time you normally play? (Use a timezone example: "Play between 8pm - 10pm Pacific Standard Time.")

7.) Is the team Active or Inactive right now?

8.) Does your team need a room in the Alliance RaidCall?

9.) Provide any special requests, information, or other details you want members to know.


If you need to change any information listed here about your team, then message Henry.

LAST UPDATED - 10/29/2013

Austin's Team

Preston's Team

Rainbow Warrior Nation

Tag: RainWN

Server: NA

Maps: 5v5 & 3v3 (mainly 5v5)

Membership: Full for now.

Founded: 10/10/13

Captain: Terrence H. (Wandering Enigma - NA)

Captain's Message: "Basically we just kick ass~ j/k! For fun team, but taken at a decently competitive level."

Deep Throatin Nughaz

Tag: DTNz

Server: NA

Captain: Anthony C. (Ibukikakakazy - NA)

Captain's Message: "I know most of us are trying to get to gold and that Elise skin, but if there is anyone who wants to play in my rank team for the fun and also to kick ass let me know."

* Teams that are Inactive for a long period will be removed from this listing.

* Defunct teams are not listed. Non-Alliance teams are not listed.