Our flagship group is for League of Legends. With 1,500+ members, we are the largest gay organization.

We have global presence, with members on all servers: North America, Euro West-East, Latin North-South, Brazil, Turkey, and Oceania. Most of us are in NA and EUW, but we enjoy each other's company!

Our memberbase includes:

  • Players from 20+ countries.

  • A dozen Rioters.

  • High number of diamond+ players.

  • Variety of clubs.

Fight by our side on the Fields of Justice!



"This group has enabled me to make SO many new friends, playing league and always having a full team is such a dream. Plus, it makes the skype calls so much more interesting, because, we all have the same interests... And, to be frank, having that many FABULOUS people in one call really brings out the fun. Joining this group was the BEST thing I have done in the time I've been playing league (since beta) ... we are letting people know that there is a group out there, with so many people who have the same interests as them. We aren't here for hook-ups, just commonality to add to the game." -Ben G.

"I'm still fairly new to the League community, and even more so to the Alliance group. Everyone is always so welcoming and helpful in this group of gaymers. The fb posts are always fun to read as well. It's exciting to see our team members climb that ranked tree! <3 happy to be apart of a gaming group who supports and promotes gay communities." -Dustin B.

"I am not gay but have many many friends who are and this group has been amazing and I have made so many new friends who enjoy a lot of the same things I do. While this group is mainly for league we talk about everything really. So if you are just looking for a relaxing laid back group to meet people with similar interests (mainly league and other gaming) come check us out :)." -Tori R.

"Though it's true, in this game, I'm more apt to be judged by my skill instead of my orientation, I still like playing this game with people I don't have to worry about. What I mean is, I make these new friends, and then I don't have to worry about if they hate gay guys or not. It's just one factor I don't have to stress about. Also, the people I have met are awesome :3 (And so skilled it's crazy). Anyways, thanks Gay League for being a fun place to hang and meet people without stress! <3" -Matt R.

GAY LEAGUE PLAYERS ALLIANCE was founded on 12/12/2012