The following describes our Outreach Initiatives in League of Legends.


Purpose: Ensure that Alliance is going beyond the North America server and reaching out to players worldwide.

Latin America Outreach Committee

Henry K.

Damian A. (Walle222 - LAS)

Alejandro M. (Akailiar - LAS)

Franco R. (Narfco - LAN)

Introduction to Alliance in Spanish translation by Damian & Alejandro

Euro Outreach Committee

Henry K.

* Seeking members for Euro Committee. Contact Henry.

* There is no North America Committee because most of our members are NA.


Purpose: Play matches with newer players to teach them mechanics & strategies.

Mentor Volunteer I

Cody M. (Kidae - NA)

Cody's intro:

"I've been playing this game for over three years now and I have some experience more than what you have in this game, I take this game very seriously and I am willing to assist you to get better, I can teach you the correct way to build your champion, ward placement, and how to win the lane that you are in, if you are looking for someone to seriously help you in any aspect please feel free to reach out to me."

Mentor Volunteer I

Mike G. (mykeyg - NA)

Mike's intro:

"For basics i can help with just about any role. I'm a little more suited for top, adc and support if any of you are interested. send me a message if you want."

* If you would like a mentor to help you, send them a facebook message for more information.

* Seeking Mentors. Contact Henry.