Joe's Giveaways

Joe's Giveaway Contests


Gym Leader Joe occasionally hosts giveaway contests on our group wall. Here are some of the goodies that have been handed out!



-Gave away 2 dusk stones, 1 dawn stone, 1 sun stone, & 2 shiny stones to Jonathan Noe Guttierrez


-hosted a giveaway of 6 shinies to whoever could post up the scariest/coolest/awesomest poke pics. 3 guesses and in the end Mike Gardner won(still needs to obtain his winnings)

-gave some requested shinies to Michael Barrington for nothing really in return. They were: shiny turtwig, treecko, snivy, piplup, totodile, oshawott and chimchar and soon a chikorita

-gave Jay Navas a finneon, blitzle and bronzor for nothing in return


-hosted a giveaway of 4 6iv Surfachus in the following natures: adamant/jolly/timid/modest for whoever could guess my two favorite books of all time(Stranger in a Strange Land & Brave New World). in the end, I settled for whoever could guess one of them so someone would take the prize, and Timothy Sanchez won them.


-the first giveaway I hosted of 6iv battle ready pokemon(greninja, gardevoir and slalamence) to whoever could guess a number I picked. The number I had chosen was 528 and the closest under the number was Mike Gardner.