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Beware of Free RP Scam Sites


This is a public service announcement pertaining to scam sites, free RP points, and the like:

If a random website (decorated with League logos) wants to give you Riot Points for free, it's a scam. RP is acquired through money, and people do not give away money to strangers. Sites like that exist to steal your personal information, such as facebook and game logins via phishing pages or they try to install malware on your PC by getting you to visit pages with Flash vulnerabilities, etc.

Your friends are probably the only people who will ever give you free RP, just like gifts in RL. And if your bf gives you free RP, then marry him.

Stay vigilant guys!

On the Edge of Positive


During a match, staying cool in tense situations can be difficult. However, it is certainly important for team morale and how other people will perceive you. Most people would definitely prefer playing side-by-side with someone who is level headed and friendly - not negative and overbearing.

Here's my advice:

1) Mute anyone that is trying to start arguments. Be sure to let your team know that you are muting that individual, so they know that there will be a communication roadblock. Also, stating that you are muting a toxic person will help Tribunal judges find the problem area of a chatlog quicker.

2) Turn off "All Chat" in the game settings. Trashtalk to and from the enemy team is always a distraction.

3) Understand that no one is perfect and will make mistakes, as you do.

4) When the game is done, forget about it; don't replay people's stupidity in your head. Move on with life.

Strive to be positive in games or at least neutral. It will reduce your stress levels and you will be invited to pre-made teams more often. Remember that captains are more likely to choose positive teammates who cooperate, rather than negative teammates who complain and act obnoxious. If you’re really on the edge, take a break!

Riot Helps Save Lives


Riot donated $31,000 to the Trevor Project (a LGBT suicide prevention program). The donation amount is equal to the fines they issued to LCS players last year. Very awesome news!

A huge thank you to Riot for raising awareness on this important topic and crucial program.

Read the full article here.

In Cooking and War


Cooking reality shows like TopChef have a lot of similarities with League of Legends:

• If you try perfecting your craft (champion) and put out a well done dish, then you have a good chance of winning.

• The most arrogant cooks (players) usually make the most costly mistakes.

• Cooking teams in which everyone puts their egos aside and communicates plans have a better chance of succeeding.

• Conversely, cooking teams in which everyone is bitching at each other and doing their own thing usually wind up losing.

• When an angry cook lashes out at others, the other cooks start to avoid that individual. For example, a support who abandons a toxic ADC. Once the element of teamwork is lost, it's game over.

Well, back to my marathon viewing of TopChef. TV truly teaches valuable life lessons!‪

How to Deal with Gamer Drama


When people start drama over League of Legends, the best thing to do is to ignore them. Why? Because it's not worth your time.

Put things into perspective:

• League is a game meant for fun; League is not your life's work. Also, your gaming skill is not correlated to your quality of life, unless you're a professional esports player!

• This is the internet; who cares what someone says online - they are cowardly and hiding behind a computer to annoy others.

So the next time someone is being a jerk, ignore them. They will look abrasive and others will stay away from them. Eventually, lame people will feel isolated and fade into the background on their own. No energy from you is needed.

More importantly, when someone is nice, be nice back. You might make a new friend!

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