Gay Pokémon ALLIANCE

The GAY POKÉMON ALLIANCE is a group of friendly and knowledgeable trainers. We help each other with game tips, trading, and battles. We play the latest on 3DS and Pokémon Go.

Catching and collecting Pokémon is our passion. Join us and share your story!



Meet new trainers and friends! Our low-key group setting makes it easy to connect with others.

Discuss game tips, request help, and find trades.

Share your stories, the latest gaming news, or funny Pokémon memes.


"I mean honestly this group is the most well thought out and put together tbh. :) this group is EPIC and trust I'm on a LOT of pages that tried this and failed." -Raffy R.

"This group is super awesome! I am so grateful at how well thought out and organized everything is. :) I just left another pokemon group since it seemed people managing it weren't very friendly nor very understanding of certain noobish questions. Here, so many are willing to help me with questions/training. :)" -John S.

"I must say, I like this group allot, I'm also in another gay pokemon group, but that group is harsh and very stuck up. For example, if someone were to ask a question, people would respond in a way that makes you feel stupid and make you feel like you shouldn't be playing in the first place, very pretentious and allot of egos. But this group hasn't been that way, everyone in this group has been very friendly and open about anything and everything and willing to help when needed, and for that I would like to thank everyone.. you guys and gals are a great group of people!! :) :) :) " -Nathaniel L.

"I could not imagine myself being a part of any other gaming group. A large part of it has to do with the way that the group is run. We have very specific guidelines and even with them in place we seem to have weeded out the type of people we don't want joining the group. I really do hope that you continue to have a pleasing experience with us. Cheers mate ^_^" -Blake U.

GAY POKÉMON ALLIANCE was founded on 10/17/2013